Relationship Management

The recent trend seen within the Organizations across the planet is that they’re faced with changing times and therefore the changing economies and business is forcing them to vary themselves too. Organizations today haven’t any option but to vary and evolve. The change has got to do with every aspect of business and not limited … Continue reading Relationship Management

B2B Marketing with YouTube

Within the dynamic business environment, Today’s marketers face a baffling dilemma that changes the new constant, and that change, becoming costlier every day but not changing profoundly to be way costliest. From the onset of the times when marketing was limited to an aura, and now the sky is the limit with creative demands, budget … Continue reading B2B Marketing with YouTube

Influencer Marketing

The celebrity culture in India isn’t stopping anytime soon and social media influencers in India have now earned this title. With the increasing number of social media users, the expansion of influencer marketing in India is at an all-time high. Indian brands heavily relied on advertising to market their products and services and therefore the … Continue reading Influencer Marketing

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty in times of Covid 19 With the Covid  pandemic  thundering the world, many countries and states imposed complete lockdown around the World. And with this complete lockdown, many retailers have been facing many challenges and meeting customers demand has been impacted.  There has been scarce in what consumers demanded during lockdown which lead … Continue reading Customer Loyalty

Moment Marketing

Digital marketing continues to grow and marketing traction is something that has come to the fore in recent years. Certainly, running uniform campaigns that remain stagnant is not enough in today’s world. Your ads need to take current affairs into account across all the platforms. What is Moment Marketing then? It originated as a way … Continue reading Moment Marketing

Blockchain: The future of Digital Marketing

What exactly is Blockchain? Blockchain is a chain of blocks which stores information about all transactions history over a peer to peer system maintained by a distributed computing network with no centralized authority or third-party intermediaries. It is a decentralized un-hackable database that can be openly shared among a group of people who are very … Continue reading Blockchain: The future of Digital Marketing


All You Need to Know About Neuromarketing 2020 What comes to our mind when we first hear the terms Consumer Neuroscience, Neuromarketing and Neuromarketing Techniques? Clearly, it is not understood by most of us since we haven’t come across these terms in our daily set of activities. But the people who have come across these … Continue reading Neuromarketing

An era of Augmented Reality

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible” Technology in India is immensely upgrading to provide customers the best experience and enhance their monetary value spend. A plethora of cutting edge technologies are budding in the world. One of the crazy technologies out there is … Continue reading An era of Augmented Reality


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