The Fusion of MarTech and AdTech into MadTech.

Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!…what’s going on ? Can you hear the second’s needle of the clock moving? This thing happens very less now. It was only back in time when people had huge wall clocks and they had those long big needles. Some ancient clocks were casted into a wooden base with a pendulum and at the the clock used to make a sound, when … Continue reading The Fusion of MarTech and AdTech into MadTech.

What is Multi Level Marketing?

We all have seen this : own your business! thousands of lakhs of rupee for only a small, upfront investment! easy money! The man stands next to the beautiful red sports car and he tell you that he’s been making 10-20 lakhs per month for the past year and now he wants to show you how to be successful just like him and how to … Continue reading What is Multi Level Marketing?

Marketing And Beyond

Many people believe that marketing is based on creativity of how you can convince the target customers to believe in your product/service or brand, but actually marketing is based on science of how human psychology works. The motive is to make people feel connected to your brand as much as possible and it can’t be done until you can hit their emotional responses and how they think and perceive the brand, then only you can position your brand to the audience when you understand their psychology. Continue reading Marketing And Beyond

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